Pressure Pact

by Pressure Pact

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the Brabant stompers of Pressure Pact unleashed some of the most traditionally-styled neckbreaking and curbstomping hardcore to be found. Highly influenced by acts like Ajax, Void, Violent Reaction, Boston Stranglers as well as the everyday struggle of the working class, it can be confirmed that the noise coming from these punks (..and bootboy) is as unapologetic in its presence as the band’s delivery.


released April 2, 2019

Joep - Bass
Rens - Drums
Niek - Guitar
Len - Vox

Recorded and mixed at E-Sound Studio by Georgios Maxouris.
Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio


all rights reserved



Wolves of Hades Records Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Negative
I’m not human, I’m disman
I feel like nobody can
I can’t cry, there’s no emotion
Only musical devotion

Negative point of view
Negative, I lie to you
Negative thoughts squirming in my brain

No more worries, no more faith
Pure jealousy, controlled hate
Remain in a paranoid state
No therapy, it’s too late

Leave me alone
I’m crossed out
Never sure
Forever in doubt
Track Name: Metheny
It all started in July
My wife left and I don’t know why
She took my son, which I didn’t suspect
Was it the abuse or the neglect?

Pork with mixed meat

She went to live under a bridge
Selling her ass in a ditch
All I found were two crushed out bums
High on dope, beards crusty with crumbs

It doesn’t matter
Mixed pork with bladder
Blood, guts and scum
Still warm on your bun
Track Name: Bronson
Fight, bite and yell some more
Back again, I smash the door
A chance to grow, a search for fame
They done classified me sane!

Fukk off! Sit down!
In the corner cunt!

Not a poof, I’m a man
I fight like nobody can
Help me put on my body paint
Don’t rub it on my fukking taint

I’ll snap his neck if I don’t get what I want
“What is it that you want?”
That depends, what have you got?
Ready to fight the whole of you lot
Track Name: Pressure Pact
No more nonsense, act direct
Storming onwards, that’s a fact

Moving on, moving strong
Face the fact that you’re wrong
Moving on, moving strong
Your thin world won’t last for long

Moving on, moving strong
Feet are steady on the ground
Moving on, moving strong,
The Pact is gonna stick around

Mindset always sharp on sight
When there is a cause to fight
The blaze inside us will ignite
Siege us through the winter night
Piercing like a rusty blade
We don’t feel sorry for your fate
Never safe, it’s a raid
We are out to seal your fate
Track Name: Tukked In
Ready for violence
Dirty blood down your neck
Pounding headache
Stomping onward to attack

Testosterone, adrenaline
For every hardcore punk and skin
Jump around, no discipline
When I’m dead, just throw me in the trash

Power’s out
Many teeth are shattered here
Crowded barnyard
Too much pressure, too little beer

Just throw me in the trash
Track Name: No For An Answer
People drag me through their crap
I’d better stay in charge of my own process
Won’t ever listen so they can sit back
They shout “no!”, I will do “yes”
Decisions are made for me to abide
Polluting my mind like a cancer
I’m taking matters into my own hands

Won’t take no for an answer
Track Name: Pavement Stomp / Vicious Circle
They're going oi!, they're going strong
All dressed up, they fight till dawn
Bald as fukk, they smell like sweat
You know that they're from Pressure Pact

Pavement stomp!
Your fukking head!

Suspenders, teeth and boots will fly
We drink beer but we don't get high
Acting tough but I won't fight
Gonna shave my head tonight


A militant revolution, now who's oppressing who?
It's getting out of context with your social justice crew
But what is the reason for conflict all the time
It seems your view of unity is part of your crime

Vicious circle
Never-ending circle,

Think a show's too violent
Don't like what you see?
We are doing this for them and you and me
Maybe we seem harsh of nature, but we could talk
Unless you can't stop talking shit, you better walk

Girls, boys, conflict
Let's get it over with
Cats, dogs, rivalry
Keep scratching and your ass gets bit
Princess, macho, stuck-up
Your attitude’s full of shit
Girls, boys, frustration
Let's just slam and get it over with
Track Name: Punch-Out!!!
Duck and bob, one-two-punch
Right hook, feel the crunch
Blurry vision, the taste of blood
Molar shattered into crud

Punch out!
Break out!
Knock out!

I might be little Mac
Make it count, one upper smack
Counter punch, you’re feeling weak
I’m on a fukking winning streak

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